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Time:2020-06-24 Source:root Read:2231

Warmth and Harmony Being Felt with Poor People Being helped and Difficulties of Them Being Solved

Xi 'an Wanlong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and the Provincial Food and Drug Inspection Institute carried out poverty alleviation activities

On the morning of June 18, Ms. Hong-juan Guo, director of Xi’an Wanlong Pharmaceutical Pharmacovigilance Department, having accompanied Ms. Haijing Liu, Dean of Shaanxi Food and Drug Supervision and Inspection Institute, Mr. Ming Zhang, inspector of the organization, and Mr. Deyong Sun, deputy head of Provincial Bureau and so on, visited Niuyanghe Village, at Shiquan County of the province. They sent rice, flour, oil and other necessities to the vulnerable groups in the village, as well as delicious rice dumplings, hoping that they could have a healthy and peaceful Dragon Boat Festival.

Over the years, Xi 'an Wanlong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd was helping the poors based on its principles of “honest society and healthy people ". The company formulated its practical poverty alleviation plans and helped to solve farmers’ difficulties in their production and life in a timely manner. Doing so, Wanlong Pharmaceutical is carrying forward the spirit of all medicine men that "great love is boundless".

On the village poverty alleviation ceremony, important speeches were made successively by the dean of Shaanxi Food and Drug Supervision and Inspection Institute, Ms. Haijing Liu, associate dean Mr. Junfeng Bai, Inspector Mr. Ming zhang and also Ms. Hongjuan Guo from Wanlong Pharmaceutical. It is hoped that this donation activity could help the poor people in Niuyanghe Village and make them feel the warmth of the organization.

This trip to the Niuyanghe Village is a microcosm among the poverty alleviation of Wanlong pharmaceutical. In the years to come, Wanlong and its people will still remain true to their original aspirations and will keep pace with provincial Food and Drug Inspection Institute, to put the “honest society and healthy people“ principle into their work and life. Working hard and caring for others, they will eventually become a group of medicine men with loving hearts.