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Time:2020-06-15 Source:root Read:1848

First "Injection Standardized Production Training" Successfully Held in Shaanxi Province

Since the recent inauguration ceremony of the "Shaanxi Pharmaceutical Quality Management Xi’an Wanlong Training Base", the first "injection production training for pharmaceutical enterprises in Shaanxi Province" has been held at Wanlong Pharmaceutical in its Yangling Factory. The training was lasted for one day and PRD responsible people from 18 injection manufacturing enterprises attended it. Hou Hongjuan, director of the Safety Production Department of Shaanxi Food and Drug Administration, gave a comprehensive presentation on safety issues as well as important things needing attention during the production of injections.

Xi'an Wanlong Pharmaceutical, as the host of the training base, will earnestly implement the supervision thinking of "strict control at source, strict management during the process,  strict control of risks and strict discipline if violation", and standardize its production and control its product quality strictly, to be a real leading model of the training. Meanwhile, it will continue to learn from experiences and to be cooperative to the training work of the provincial Food and Drug Administration, to make its contribution to the provincial pharmaceutical industry.