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Time:2020-06-04 Source:root Read:1986

A Train and Communication Meeting of Consistency Evaluation of Generic Drugs by Country Experts Was Held in Xi’an Wanlong Pharmaceutical

In order to faster the pace of consistency evaluation of generic drugs, a train and communication meeting of consistency evaluation of generic drugs by country experts was held in Xi’an Wanlong Pharmaceutical on May 30, 2020. The authoritative experts in the dissolution of solid preparation of consistency evaluation in China, Mr. Xie Mufeng, who came from Shanghai Food and Drug Inspection Institute and Mr. Shan Min from Xi'an Food and Drug Inspection institute were invited to attend the meeting. R&D vice president,Mr Wang zhen hosted the meeting and more than 100 relevant person such as Mrs Zheng Fangye, vice president of quality, whole R&D center staff, some quality management staff, production staff and marketing staff attended the meeting.


At the meeting, Mr. Xie Mufeng gave an in-depth explanation on the topic  "How Companies Stand Out in the" Consistency Evaluation of National Generic Drug Quality and Efficacy "and discussed the technical problems and difficulties in the consistency evaluation., the experts combined their work experience and conducted in-depth analysis and answers to the our company's consistency evaluation products in the Q&A part and gave advices and techniques in the dissolution curve and related substance research.

With the guide of this meeting, we will be target in the consistency evaluation work with less effort and more gain and clarify the thinking and direction for the company's consistency evaluation work in the future. We will keep on listening successful experience, strengthening communication with the experts of the National Drug Evaluation Center, break through difficult points, and successfully complete the task of consistency evaluation.