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On May 28, 2020, an inauguration ceremony was held at Shaanxi Provincial Pharmaceutical Quality Management Xi'an Wanlong Training Base and it was broadcast on May 30th on the Shaanxi Radio and TV Station Urban Youth Channel (Shaanxi TV channel 2), and major media (,, etc.) It was pointed out in the news that a continuous drug regulatory system and regulatory capabilities modernization should be carried forward to firmly implement the "four most stringent" requirements mentioned in the valuable speech by General Secretary Xi Jinping during his visit to Shaanxi. The Secretary of the Party Group and Director of the Provincial Drug Administration Ying Hongfeng pointed out that the Xi’an Wanlong Training Base should be built into a position and a school to publicize laws and regulations and to stimulate the implementation of the main responsibilities of enterprises, so as to make a demonstration for the construction of other bases, by the implementation of Quality Control of Drugs in its place. Injections are one of the highest risk varieties of medicines, and are the top priority of the regulatory work. As a local pharmaceutical injection manufacturing company developed in Shaanxi, Xi'an Wanlong has a unique guiding significance and demonstration effect in product development, implementation of quality and safety main responsibilities, and corporate culture and so on.

 Mr. Ying Hongfeng also pointed out that the Xi'an Wanlong Training Base should take the newly formulated and revised "Vaccine Management Law", "Drug Management Law" and "Drug Production Supervision and Management Measures" as important guidelines for the construction of the base, and carry out the laws and regulations to site with practice and cases. The training base is hoped to be a practical and operating one of the new laws, new spirits, new concepts, and new requirements by a fully embodying of the principle of risk management, overall control and social co-governance of the new law, the concept of scientific and strict supervision and management and innovation encouragement, the vital requests of enterprises being responsible for the entire life cycle of drugs and the advanced excellent enterprises cultures and management concept in the new era, and by a true stimulation of the training personnel's main responsibility consciousness, during the actual practise and operation.

Xi'an Wanlong, centered on the party's central ideology and directed by leaders at all levels, will adhere to the concept of "integrity society, healthy everyone” to serve the public. Following the principles of GXP, it will ensure its drug safety and strive to be one of the provincial benchmark and model enterprises.