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Time:2020-06-01 Source:root Read:1990

On May 28, 2020, Xi'an Wanlong Pharmaceutical’s "Shaanxi Province Drug Quality Management Xi'an Wanlong Training Base" was officially inaugurated.

Mr. Ying Hongfeng, director of Provincial Drug Administration and secretary of its Leading Party Members' group and Mr. Chen Qiulin, chairman of Xi'an Wanlong jointly unveiled the training base.

Chairman of Xi'an Wanlong Pharmaceutical Mr. Chen Qiulin, delivering a speech at the unveiling ceremony

With the official implementation of the "Drug Management Law" newly revised in 2019, and the implementation of the "Four Most Stringents" regulatory requirements of General Secretary Xi,  Xi’an Wanlong, adhering to the supervisory thinking of strict prevention at the source, strict management during the process, strict control of risks, and severe penalties if violation, always insists that quality and safety are the primary tasks of itself. Having been improving its quality management system, the company passed the IS09001 quality management system certification. The inauguration of the "Shaanxi Province Drug Quality Management Xi'an Wanlong Training Base" is a further affirmation to Xi’an Wanlong’s quality management as well as an improvement to its QMS and standardized operations.



The unveiling ceremony led a strong response among the mass media. Detailed reports were made immediately by China's first-line media such as,,,, and, etc.

Learning, growing and making progress itself and together with all the pharmaceutical companies in the province, Xi'an Wanlong will further improve its quality management level to  make greater contributions to the vigorous development of the province's pharmaceutical industry and public health!